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Galvin La Chapelle

On my next trip to London, this is where you will find me. Who wants to join me?


One of my favorites. Years ago we lingered over a Chocolat Chaud discussing names for our first daughter. We loved the name Angelina, which means little angel or messenger, so viola! It became Coco’s middle name. Check out the video.

Venture Out

I have always loved adventure. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to travel to see the world and to expand my view of life, reality and what is possible. Over my lifetime I have clocked up a cumulative total of 11 years of full-time travel to 51 Countries and 500 cities. No short trips for me. I love to linger, sip coffee, chat and imbue the atmosphere.

Most of us are overscheduled and have no time to feel. Love requires feeling. No feeling = no love.

I adore this video by set to the words of Alan Watts.

Fun And The FUTURE

You’ll find the future wherever people are having the most fun. Well then, I would say interactive video games are predicting a new world of virtual reality.

After the recent US election and the BREXIT, it appears there is a backlash against globalization. As if stopping immigration and putting up trade barriers are going to fix it! How are the protectionists going to stop the free flow of human capital and ideas? Perform a Men in Black Memory Eraser?

I love this video by Steven Johnson about how inventions happen from fun and play as much as anything via TEDEd. Check it out:


The Evolution Of Michael Phelps

Life is never easy. Challenges, happen for all of us and the only question is if we allow them to take us off our game or use them as inspiration to find the good purpose in them.

This video is very well produced, inspiring and a reminder to keep going.

Postcards from ROMA

ROMA: There Is No Place Like It!

By Oliver Astrologo

Bacteria Evolution Timelapse from Harvard Medical School

Failure is the driver of evolution

Many of us wonder how biological organisms evolve and adapt over time. This time-lapse video shows how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. It also shows how mutations by the few survivors prompt the evolution.

The ultimate failure is extinction, which occurs when there are no survivors. When a small number survive they mutate. Makes me think about how changes are happening so fast today that it’s our consciousness that is evolving faster than our biology.

I believe the new frontier is consciousness education.

This video is totally mesmerizing!


French Food Rules

There is a lot to learn here for parents, and people in general. If you have picky kids, buy the book: French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon.

Rule #1 You are in charge. Um, er, yes!

Rule #2 Avoid emotional eating. Easier said than done!

See below for the other 8 rules and the beautiful illustrations.

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ILLUSTRATIONS by Sarah Jane Studios

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